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‘Street photography’ defies any single definition, but I hope these images tell a story or provoke curiosity in some way – what’s happening? Why are they doing that? What's going through their mind?

Glasgow, July 2017 Gloucester, April 2017 Leamington Spa, May 2020 A dog in pink pants (and others). &nbspPrague, October 2019
Following Trooping of the Colour, London. July 2019 Hull, November 2022 London, March 2017 On the Central Line, London.   April 2022
Bank, London. April 2022 Boarding for the final time?   Sorrento, Italy. August 2013 Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada, August 2016 Vienna, October 2019
Look what I won!   Cardiff, July 2019 Leamington Spa food festival, September 2019 Nottingham, December 2019 Vienna, October 2019